What is the nightlife like in Indianapolis?

Why you should not live in Indiana? What is Indianapolis's nickname? Indianapolis's nickname, "Naptown" has acquired a dubious connotation over the years—not as a snappy little nickname for a town with more than its share of syllables,

Indianapolis at night

Is it safe to visit Indianapolis? OVERVIEW: MEDIUM Overall, Indianapolis is a safe city to visit although some areas are prone to high crime levels. Be careful throughout the town to minimize your risks. Do I need a Covid exam to

Best Sports Bars In Indianapolis

Best Sports Bars In IndianapolisKathy and I love to revel in all things Indianapolis sports. So, when it came time to compile our "Best of" list, we wanted to feature the best sports bars in Indianapolis. And we discovered that Best of…

Do all dentists charge the same?

Are medical bills negotiable? Yes, you can negotiate with your hospital or health office billing department to request a lower balance due to this large medical bill. Need to negotiate medical bills? It helps you take care of your