The Best of Indianapolis Parks: Unwinding in the City’s Green Spaces

While Indianapolis is often recognized for its bustling urban landscape, the city also boasts an impressive selection of verdant parks and green spaces. From quiet retreats to active outdoor spots, there’s a park for every preference. Here, we introduce you to five of the best parks in Indianapolis, each offering a unique opportunity to relax, explore, and engage with nature.

Eagle Creek Park

One of the largest city parks in the U.S., Eagle Creek Park spans over 3900 acres of land and water. With trails winding through forests and wetlands, a reservoir for boating, and an extensive nature center, it’s the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

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White River State Park

Set in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, White River State Park is more than just a green space. Home to several major attractions, including the Indianapolis Zoo, Eiteljorg Museum, and a concert venue, the park is a cultural hub with stunning cityscape and river views.

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Garfield Park

As the oldest park in the city, Garfield Park is a testament to Indianapolis’s rich history. The 136-acre park features a sunken garden, a conservatory with exotic plants, and an arts center. Its walking trails and serene gardens make it an ideal spot for relaxation.

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Holliday Park

Situated just six miles from downtown Indianapolis, Holliday Park offers a blend of natural beauty and historic charm. Home to the iconic Ruins, which are an outdoor, artistic architectural feature, the park also includes extensive trails, a nature center, and a playground.

Fort Harrison State Park

Located on the site of a former military base, Fort Harrison State Park provides an array of recreational activities. With two national historic districts, a golf resort, and trails that meander through woodlands and by the water, it’s a must-visit for history buffs and nature lovers alike.


Indianapolis’s parks provide city-dwellers and visitors alike with a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life. Whether you’re a fan of hiking, interested in local history, or just looking for a peaceful spot for a picnic, Indianapolis’s green spaces cater to all. So, next time you’re in the city, be sure to check out these top parks to enjoy the best of Indianapolis’s outdoor offerings.

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