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What is the racial makeup of Indianapolis?

Hammond. #1 Most diverse places to live in Indiana. What of Texas is white? CitizensPeople aged 65 and over, percent‣ 13.1%Female population, percent50.1%Ethnicity and Hispanic OriginsIt's just white, percent77.9% What is the

Where is the nicest part of Indianapolis?

Is Indianapolis a good city for singles? As one of the best cities in the US for real estate with a low cost of living, Indianapolis is the perfect place for singles and young professionals to plant their roots. Here are the five best

Does Indiana have pro sports teams?

What team in the NBA has not won a championship? Top 11 NBA Teams Without a Championship Brooklyn Nets. The Brooklyn Nets are one of the NBA teams without titles. ...Charlotte Hornets. The legendary Michael Jordan owns the Hornet.

What is the city of Indianapolis known for?

Are taxes high in Indiana? There are also jurisdictions that collect local income taxes. Indiana has a corporate income tax rate of 4.90 percent. Indiana has a sales tax rate of 7.00 percent and does not charge a local sales tax.

What is the #1 sport in America?

Is NFL still popular? The world's most successful sports league is in trouble. The National Football League (NFL) has seen its TV ratings steadily decline over the past few seasons. Is the NFL getting less popular? The National