Is Indianapolis a good place to live?

Is Pittsburgh Safe? Pittsburgh is generally rated and ranked as one of the safest cities among others of comparable size in the US. Most of the areas in the city that tourists visit are safe, and most of the unsafe areas are

What is Indiana known for?

Indianapolis is simply a delight, from its compact and tourist-friendly downtown to its charming neighborhoods that hide an array of cool, under-the-radar dive bars, hip restaurants, burgeoning distilleries and wineries, and lively music

Is Indianapolis safe?

Is moving to Indiana worth it? If you're looking to move to a big city with a small-town feel, then Indianapolis is definitely a place to consider. This ever-changing city has a low unemployment rate of 4.2%, a dynamic sports scene,

What is there to do in Indianapolis this evening?

Is Indiana a good place to live? Indiana is ranked 2nd in the country because it is a good country for drivers, with low cost of ownership, decent traffic and reasonable safety. Not surprisingly, the rural area has decent traffic, but