Best Ice Cream Shop in Indianapolis

How many dairies are in Indiana? Indiana is home to more than 800 dairy farms of all shapes and sizes which together provide a home for more than 174,000 dairy cows. The average farm has 140 cows and more than 97 percent of

Best Indianapolis hotels

What is there to do in the bottleworks district? 6 Things to Experience in the Bottleworks District of Indy Overnight at Bottleworks Hotel. ... Lunch or dinner at the Garage Food Hall. ... Play the games in

Best Carpet Cleaner Carmel

Best Carpet Cleaner CarmelBest Carpet Cleaner Carmel is one of the most reputable carpet cleaners in Indianapolis. They use the latest methods and equipment to get your carpets clean and looking their best. They also offer a wide range of…

Best Indy Bars

Best Indy BarsIndiana is well known for its brewing traditions and its love of good, pure liquor. This mix has spawned some of the best bars in the country. Here are five great Indy bars that are worth a visit:Local Default is a supremely…

The Art Museum of Indianapolis

The Art Museum of Indianapolis was founded in 1883 by the Art Association of Indiana, which was headed by May Wright Sewall. Its first exhibition featured four hundred and fifty-three works by 137 artists. The group became a significant…